Read all FAQs below to know in detail about JobAcute Job Network & how it can help you to get hired Easily & Faster.

JobAcute is a Professional Job Network which provides Jobseekers, Unadvertised Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals directly on their WhatsApp with the help of Professional Networking.

Applying to lots of Unadvertised Direct Job openings directly from the Recruiters and also getting quality MNC Referrals directly from the MNC’s Employees through JobAcute Job Network helps Candidates to get hired Easily & Faster.

To get benefitted you have to Join JobAcute so that you can be connected to JobAcute Job Network and so you can get Unadvertised Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals for your Preferred Profile in your Preferred Job location directly from the Recruiters & MNC Employees directly on your WhatsApp.

How JobAcute Network Works

A simple Illustration showing how JobAcute works to get Candidates hired Easily & Faster.

JobAcute is a Professional Job Network. Its a very Unique, Innovative & Effective concept for recruitment in India presently.

Through JobAcute’s Unadvertised Direct Job openings and MNC Referrals you can get all Job openings & Referrals which can’t be found online or anywhere as they are not advertised and are hired only Internally.

Unadvertised Job openings are 4 times more & better than normal advertised job openings which are found on job portals or any consultancies. 

So 4 times more Job openings on JobAcute means 400% more chances of you to get hired Easily & Faster.

MNC referrals which you receive through JobAcute gives you preference in interviews which reduces your competition & enhances your chances of getting hired.

Its a well known fact that a good quality Referral increases your chances of getting hired by 800%.

Candidates who fulfils the mentioned below Joining Criteria are Eligible to Join JobAcute.

Highest Qualification : B.Tech/B.E | M.Tech/M.E | Diploma (Engineering)

Branch : Computer Science / IT | Mechanical | Electrical | Electronics | Electrical & Electronics | Electronics & Comm. | Civil | Automobile.

Experience Level : Fresher – 1Yr | 1 – 4 Yrs | 4+ Yrs

Looking Job in : Bangalore | Hyderabad | Chennai | Pune | Mumbai | Delhi/NCR.

Qualification % : Above 50% throughout acedemics. 

# Note : Fresher candidates having pass out year of 2019 or 2018 or 2017 or 2016 can join JobAcute’s Fresher Network. For Experienced candidates any year pass out can join JobAcute’s Experienced or Expert Network.

The Services which a Joined candidates gets after joining JobAcute are :

Direct Job Openings :

Direct job openings are unadvertised job openings which are not available online and only hired internally directly by Recruiters.

Candidates apply to them directly either through mail or application form as instructed by Recruiters. 

Instructions will be mentioned on the WhatsApp message you will receive time to time after joining JobAcute.

MNC Referrals :

Candidates will be referred by MNC employee on their behalf.

After getting referred candidates will receive confirmation message from JobAcute Team on their WhatsApp as well as from the MNC’s HR either through Email or Phone call.

After that Recruiters will let you know about the further Interview process.

Job Location Choice :

Candidates have option to choose their preferred job location in Joining Form while joining JobAcute.

All the Job openings and MNC referrals that candidates will be receiving after joining JobAcute will be from that location only.

Resume BarCode :

Candidates will be provided a Resume BarCode which have to be printed on their Resumes while attending Interviews. 

This BarCode will be generated once your joining details are been verified by JobAcute Team.

This Resume BarCode is mainly for internal use which will help candidates in their Hiring process.

Complete details about Resume BarCode will be discussed with the candidates once he/she joined JobAcute after verification process.

Mentoring & Guidance :

Candidates will be mentored & guided by JobAcute Support Team 24*7 through WhatsApp. 

Candidates can solve their problems if they face any while connected to JobAcute by chatting & asking queries directly to JobAcute Support Team.

Pause & Start JobAcute services :

Its a Secure Option Joiner facility.

Candidates can pause their JobAcute services anytime within their service period and restart it later when they wish to.

They can use this feature in conditions like they are out of city and not be able to apply to the Job openings.

Or you have already schedule enough Interview for a period of time and won’t be able to attend more Interviews so in that case you can use this feature to stop wastage of opportunities. 

Preferred Companies Choice :

Secure Option Joiners has advantage to choose their desired companies in which they want to get referred.

After joining JobAcute, candidates can tell the names of the companies to JobAcute Network Team so that they can arrange referrals in that particular companies if there is any referral going on.

JobAcute is not just a job portal or a consultancy. So don’t misunderstood.

JobAcute is a Professional Job Network.

Its a very unique, innovative & effective idea in Recruitment industry in India presently which operates on the concept of Networking.

√ No Job portal or Consultancy provides MNC Referrals to Jobseekers directly from the MNC employees like JobAcute does.

√ No Job portal or Consultancy provides Unadvertised Direct Job openings directly from the Recruiters like JobAcute does.

√ No job portal or Consultancy connects Jobseekers directly with the Recruiters or MNC Employees to make the hiring easier & faster like JobAcute does.

√ No Job portal or Consultancy provides 24*7 WhatsApp chat support throughout your hiring process like JobAcute does.

Yes, We are different from all others & We are proud of it & so will you.

No, JobAcute is not a training or a coaching institute.
JobAcute is a Job Network. It provides direct job openings and MNC referrals for Interviews.

You have to join JobAcute by following the steps below :

Step 1 : First select a Network Option on the website based on your experience level.
Network options to choose are :- FRESHER Network (0-1 yr) / EXPERIENCED Network (1-4 yrs) / EXPERT Network (4+ yrs)

Step 2 : After selecting a Network option now you have to choose a Joining Option as per your requirements.

Joining options to choose are :- SECURE Option (3 months) / BASIC Option (2 months)

Check details on the website under each joining option about how much Unadvertised Job openings & MNC Referrals you are going to get after joining JobAcute Job Network.

Step 3 : After selecting a Joining option you have to pay your Joining Fee.
Pay Joining fee to complete your JobAcute joining process successfully.

Step 4 : Get contacted by JobAcute Team for Verification process. After verification receive Joining Confirmation message on your WhatsApp. 

Now start getting Unadvertised Direct Jobs & MNC Referrals directly from the Recruiters and MNC employees on your WhatsApp directly.

Done !!
Best of luck.

We maintain a fixed number of candidates in our job network.
So candidates joining JobAcute is controlled and limited so that we can provide quality services to them and they can get better results.

So once the limit of number of candidates joining JobAcute reaches, joining stops.
The number based on new candidates joining JobAcute and old ones leaving JobAcute after expiring of their services.

To know whether the joining availability is there or not :

If you are able to proceed further after selecting the joining option to the payment page to pay the joining fee then joining availability is there and you can join JobAcute.

If you are not able to proceed further after selecting the joining option to the payment page to pay the joining fee then joining availability is not there and you can’t join JobAcute as of now.

Joining candidates pays Joining fee to join JobAcute for 3 most essential reasons :

(i) Verification of candidate’s Joining details
for getting Direct Job openings directly from the Recruiters & also getting Referred by MNC’s employees.

(ii) Creation of candidate’s Resume BarCode which will be required in Interviews.

(iii) Hiring process becomes Easier & Faster due to candidate’s already Verified Joining details & Resume BarCode for Interviews process.

No. You don’t have to pay any fee apart from Joining fee ever even after getting hired through JobAcute.
Joining Fee is one time fee only for Verification process & Resume BarCode creation.

Joining Fee is required for the Verification process and Resume BarCode creation.

So without verification process of your details and without resume barcode how can you be contacted by the Recruiters for Direct Job openings & how will you get referred by MNC employees.

So there will be no point of joining JobAcute without Joining fee as you will not be getting Direct Job openings & MNC’s Referrals through our job network & so you also will not be getting Interviews to attend.

After paying joining fee you will be contacted by our Network Team. Network team will provide you joining form to fill. You have to fill your details and preferences in that form. Based on your details and preferences Network team will connect you to our Job Network correctly & properly so that you can start getting Direct Job openings and MNC referrals as per your profile, experience level, city etc directly on your WhatsApp.

After getting connected to JobAcute Job Network you will get joining confirmation message on your WhatsApp & after that you will start getting services from us.

You will be guided by our Network Team step by step through out the process. Don’t worry about that.

We know it takes a lot to trust & believe.

And that why we are thankful to our half a lakh plus candidates who trust & liked us on our Facebook page and numbers are keep increasing day by day.

We also have Refund Policy for all our joining candidates so they can be 100 % sure about JobAcute and our quality services.

Note : Only Secure option joiners have Refund Policy advantage. 

Incase, you don’t get JobAcute services as mentioned on the website i.e Unadvertised Direct Job openings and MNC Referrals for your profile in your preferred job location within your service period then you have right to claim for refund soon after the completion of your service period.

Our team will go through your claim and let you know & guide you about the further process to get back your joining fee.

We Believe in our Service all We need is Your Trust. 

You will get all Direct job openings and MNC Referrals based on your details and preferences which you will fill in the joining form.

So fill your details and preferences accordingly as per your needs & requirements.
You will get Joining form to fill soon after joining JobAcute from our Network Team on your WhatsApp.

They will also guide you about the further processes.

Yes absolutely you can do it.

You will be provided joining form to fill from our team after the payment of joining fee to join JobAcute. In that form you can choose multiple profiles to get openings and referrals from our job network. 

Please make sure to choose profiles according to your degree and skills as that will be more helpful to you to get more interviews and hence chances of your getting hired will increase.

Number of Direct Job Openings and MNC Referrals you will get each month depends on the Joining Option (Secure / Basic) you choose to join on JobAcute.

Eg. Secure Option Joiners receives Direct Job Openings & MNC Referrals most probably on alternate days.

Means you can expect to get around 14 -16 in a month approx.

It can be more or less as per your Preferred Profile, Experience level & Preferred Job Location choice.

After joining JobAcute you will start receiving Direct Job openings and MNC Referrals from the next day onwards on your WhatsApp.

Means if you join today then most probably from tomorrow onwards.

Rounds will basically depend upon the companies in which you will be attending Interviews.

It depends upon their requirement and hiring process. Some companies can go with few rounds & some can go with direct Interviews.

As most of the opportunities you will be receiving here on JobAcute will be Unadvertised job openings & MNC Referrals so mostly direct Interviews will be conducted once you are selected by the Recruiters. 

You will get to know all these step by step once you are connected to JobAcute Job Network.

Yes, Job openings & MNC Referrals are always there, 365 days a year.

You just need to know where to find those job openings and referrals are and how to apply them to get Interviews.

After joining JobAcute you will be connected to our Job Network with Recruiters and MNC employees directly through your WhatsApp. So the Job openings and MNC Referrals you will get depends on your date of Joining & your service period. 

Once you are connected to JobAcute Job Network you will get all Unadvertised Job openings & MNC Referrals which are hiring that day for your Profile in your Location.

See just joining JobAcute & paying joining fee won’t give you offer letters directly in your hand.

You have to attend the interviews & have to perform well there too.

So don’t even think like that you don’t have to give any efforts to get hired through JobAcute.

Here on JobAcute we makes it possible for candidates to get all best opportunities available to them which they won’t find online or anywhere else as they are hired internally by the companies & these Direct job openings and MNC referrals are beyond the reach of candidates like you without proper professional networking.

We are not here to sell jobs to you. We are here to provide best opportunities to you.
These opportunities which you will get from JobAcute are best in quality and huge in number and hired directly making hiring process easier & faster for you.

So take best advantage from it and get hired.

First of all that condition won’t come as we have full belief in our service that we will be going to provide our candidates with many good opportunities while he/she connected to our job network.

Most of the candidates take advantage from it very effectively & get hired if they have knowledge and skills and perform well in interviews.

But if a candidate think he/she won’t get success in interviews & get hired even after 3 months (Secure Option) also, then we suggest them to first build up their confidence and then join JobAcute.

Because just getting interviews won’t get them hired. Confidence will get them hired easily & faster.

You have to join JobAcute on our website not in office.

You will also get all services i.e Job openings and MNC referrals from the recruiters and MNC employees directly on your WhatsApp not in office.

We hope you know that everything is online.

WhatsApp is the most effective and fastest way to be connected in todays time.
Through WhatsApp you will be connected 24*7 to our job network and hence you won’t be missing any good job opportunity ever.

Thats Awesome. Right ?

Yes, You will keep getting Unadvertised Direct Job openings and MNC Referrals till completion of your service period even if you get hired through JobAcute.

That way you can have more offers to choose from before the completion of your service period.

There is no fixed time duration for getting hired.

Some candidates takes 1 week time some takes 1 month and some takes 3 months too.
So it all depends on candidate’s knowledge & skill & performance in interviews.

We are here to provide you best opportunities through direct job openings and MNC referrals which you can’t find online and misses it. So give your best & take best advantage from it.

Hiring rounds and procedures depends companies to companies.
Its not fixed or same for all companies. Its based to company’s hiring process and need and requirements.

Once you get selected for the interview mostly there is direct face to face interview with the recruiter in all referral cases and also for the openings which are to be hired immediately within a day or a week.
In some few cases multiple hiring rounds are conducted.

If you have backlogs and you are going to clear it out in the coming 6 months then you can join JobAcute without any issues & you will get all our services i.e Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals.

Salary is not fixed or same for all companies and candidates.

Some candidates are getting 3-4 LPA while some getting 6-7 LPA. So its all depends on your Knowledge, Skills & your performance in Interviews.

We are here to provide you best opportunities through direct job openings and MNC referrals which you can’t find online and misses it.

So give your best & take best advantage from it.

You can pay joining fee through all banks online via Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, Mobile wallets, UPI etc.

You will get all online payment options presently available in India on our payment page.
You can choose anyone as per your convenience. 

If you have any other query or question apart from the already answered and explained questions above then you can ask it by chatting with our HiringWare Team.

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