JobAcute solving major problems faced by Female Job seekers to get hired Faster.

This article is summary of all the comments and feedbacks JobAcute Team received on asking from JobAcute members all over major cities. JobAcute team here concluded why and how female job seekers are taking better advantage from JobAcute Network in their own words. We have categorized their comments and feedbacks for better understanding.

Huge unadvertised jobs to apply:

Rima paul says: “You have provided a platform through JobAcute Network to make unadvertised jobs accessible to all. It opened up a huge job market which were hidden before and could not be tapped by every job seeker. very innovative and effective concept.”

Kamalpreet kaur says: “I understood  simple thing if the number of jobs are high and of high quality the chances of getting hired increases because it reduces competition by two way, first due to lots of jobs to apply and second not every job seeker know why and how to tap these job opportunities. JobAcute network shows the way”

Job Networking:

Shruti kerkar says: ” I was confirmed that networking is the best and most effective way to find good jobs in all major cities but I also knew that as a girl from small city I don’t have that kind of network which could guide me and help me to get job I desire. Connecting to JobAcute network was the best thing to do. Thanks Guys”

Deboshree dutta says: “To be true it took me 1 week to understand it. when I first came across JobAcute I didn’t understand it quite well. A week after I came to know that one of my friend of friend using JobAcute network and she explained me how it works. Showed me jobs she received on JobAcute whatsapp network. I joined it same day. You are never late to do right thing. Right??”

Save Time (Time is money JOB) :

Shweta singh says: “Time is always been a major hurdle for girls like me to go out to other cities and find jobs. Its not possible for us to keep on looking jobs month over month or even years. Through JobAcute network I started receiving jobs the next day with great referrals and recommendations. Receiving so many jobs and knowing so many peoples helped me a lot.”

Ruchi says: “I just want to say in simple lines that we have two ways to find job to get hired. Frustrating way: Signup to a useless,resume sucking job portal-> receive shitty jobs which don’t have any connection to your profile->apply to them and then wait for your lifetime to get any reply but be sure to get calls from those fake, greedy job consultancies. OR JobAcute way: Join JobAcute Network and connect to the peoples from your industry-> receive direct company jobs, referrals, unadvertised jobs on your whatsapp->apply then and there->attend interview->get hired.”

Ease Factor:

Vanya sharma says: “The best thing I ever liked in being a JobAcute network member is the ease of receiving and applying to jobs. I hate finding job openings whole day on internet, its frustrating. I received jobs directly on my whatsapp and so no chance of missing good opportunities. I have lots of time preparing for interviews rather than searching. Brilliant na…”

Shweta Dange says: “Signing in that hectic and boring job portal everyday that does nothing but only to send me some common jobs again n again and top of it BPO and call centers jobs . Jobs through JobAcute network are unique and specific for sure according to my experience till now. I even have direct contact on whatsapp to the concern peoples to make process fast and super easy”